Decorating for An Australian Christmas

Merry Australian Christmas everyone!

How have you decided to decorate this year?

With so many ideas floating around on Facebook and the internet I’m feeling the need to ‘up my game’ in the decorating department.   The hardest part is deciding which theme to go for!  Do I do a traditional “American style” theme with a chimney, snowflakes and a snowman or should I go with an Australian Christmas theme?

So… after much contemplation and discussions with the family, it has been decided that we will have an Australian Christmas theme this year ….. and so the fun begins.

Let’s start with the table setting!

It’s not hard to find some inspiration in our gardens (or the neighbours), take a look at what can be done with a few cuttings of our native fauna.  I personally think they look and smell amazing and add such an outdoorsy atmosphere.

Arranged around the candle centerpiece in a rugged wooden box we have a Banksia flower, silver dollar cuttings and a few other local plants.  How simple and how beautiful does that look?

Australian Christmas theme

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Another idea to add a little more colour is the use of our ever so stunning Christmas bush.

This vibrant red is easily matched with Christmas bon bons, ribbons and either gold or silver accessories.

Australian Christmas setting

Looking for something even more outdoorsy?  How about these beauties!

A simple muslin cloth table runner really sets the scene to show off these stunning arrangements of natives, don’t you think?  Simple, yet breathtaking.  A real showpiece in my opinion and I think this is my favourite.  I’m definitely giving this a go this year!

Australian Christmas centrepiece

It’s Christmas for everyone, so let’s get the kids to work too!

I know the kids will want to get involved, so here are a few crafty ideas that stay in the Aussie theme of things that they can help with!

Take these little cuties for example.  Pretty cute and pretty easy to create.  Just a bit of felt, some glue or thread, a piece of red ribbon and a Christmas decoration (some cheap Christmas jewellery would be great).   My idea is to glue each person’s name on the Koalas tummy so they know where to sit and it can be taken home as a little gift and memory of the day.

Australian Christmas ideas

If you have younger small people who may not be so crafty, how about this simple but very Australian idea?

Does it get any easier?  Just a perfect eucalyptus leaf (or any suitable leaf from the garden for that matter) and a gold or silver pen and voila you have the perfect name tag.

Australian Christmas name tag

So that’s your Australia Christmas themed table setting done!

Which one is your favourite?

The next step is an all Aussie feast….and that’s where I leave you!   Too many choices for me to begin.  All I can say is, Merry Christmas, hope you have a wonderful celebration and enjoy your family time.

Oh and remember, keep it simple, don’t flip a thong over it, you’ll get another go at it next year.