Unbelievable Techniques People Use To Paint Their House

Painting our house on own is no cake walk. It involves a huge labor work and preparation time. However, it is only hard work if you paint in a traditional manner. Today, we will share some of the unbelievable ideas people use to paint their house nowadays. These ideas will turn hard work into smart work and then eventually into fun work at the end. These ideas were practiced by some of the local Brisbane painters during their amateur days.

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Painting techniques you won't believe

Paint blast

This technique is made famous by a comedy television series of Mr.Bean. For this technique place, a small piece of explosive inside the paint jar and the result is, paint exploding all over the room. Using a paint bomb raises safety concerns, however, you should ensure that the flooring and furniture are protected and use proper guidance in dealing with explosive. Even though the explosion might not give you the finish that the professional painters give, it will surely help to get the most of the areas to coat in the paint.

Industrial spray

For this technique, you can buy a car spray machine and put that to you at your home. This cuts down the time and is ideal for people who have less time to get the job done. However, this technique will only work with thinner paints. You can also buy an interior decorating spray machine from any good home DIY store. Residential painters in Brisbane often use an interior decorating spray to give a finish to their work.

Texture effect

This technique gives you texture effects. This technique is cost-effective because materials like rag, sponge, sock etc are used to paint the walls. This is relatively cheap compared to the tools which are normally used for painting. A small tip is to use a slower drying paint so that you have enough time to apply the desired effect. Residential painters in Brisbane use texture effect technique on one if the walls of dull rooms to make it more stylish and appealing.

The rise of technology

With the advancement of technology, an upcoming robot-painter, where the robot scans the room to locate all paintable and non-paintable surface and then paints the wall, has become quite popular. Another version of this technology is to tag the wall with a spray drone. Even though all these are still under development, we will never know when local painters in Brisbane will start painting with technology at their hands.